DOMINION III was formed in 1998 by Tharen (Dargaard, Amestigon, Abigor) following the completion of DARGAARD's debut release.  At the time, Tharen's interests turned to the development of a new style of music. As apparent in DOMINION III's 2000 debut CD,  The Hand and the Sword, Tharen successfully created this innovative sound dubbing it apocalyptic electronic music.  

Two years after DOMINION III's impressive debut, Tharen and company return to Napalm Records' Draenor Productions with their follow up, "Life Has Ended Here".  Fans will welcome the more prominent industrial edge and  guitar-driven force of this outstanding disc.  The style continues to be characterized by hard and aggressive rhythms combined with hopeless and sinister soundscapes.  DOMINION III still features the voice and artistic know-how of Elisabeth Toriser (Dargaard),  as well as the guitar lines  of Jörg Lanz (Amestigon), whose contributions have significantly increased since lending his guitar prowess on the project´s first release.

Dominion III is :

Tharen - all music, vocals
Elisabeth Toriser - vocals
Lanz - guitar & bass (on Life Has Ended Here)