January 2009

Dominion III is layed on Ice, i have not decided myself whether to continue with that project or to bury it. For various reasons. It's a bit sad though because i nearly got all the music for a new album finished and i think it is great. I also thought about distributing it by myself over the internet, but i lack the time to do this right now. If there are any news avalaible, it will be postet here. Labels, feel free to contact me in case of interest. Tharen.

July 5th, anno 2005

A new song from Dominion III can be downloaded here.
It's a song that is on the CD that has been sent out to find a new record label.

September 10th, anno 2004

The new Dominion III website has been put online.  Check back from time to time for all the latest news about the band.

Tharen is working on new material and a release is expected in early 2005. From the early pruduction state Tharen said the album will be less metal and more electronic/industrial than "Life Has Ended Here".